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The interdisciplinary CrossCult team works collaboratively along four research axes.

Research Axis 1 - Using a conceptual framework for reflective history

> to enable reflection over EU history in a globalized rather than siloed manner and materializing this on-site through 4 real-world flagship pilots.

Research Axis 2 - Providing a unified services platform that materializes the conceptual framework for reflective history, through the novel use of IT technologies

> to provide user-friendly and cost-efficient user tools to develop market-ready applications that integrate technological artefacts developed and customized throughout the project, through a CrossCult platform.

Research Axis 3 - Ensuring stakeholder involvement throughout and following the project

> to open the proposed R&D activities to the outside world through a Living Lab approach in order to observe the experimental and evaluation process in real-time and to iteratively integrate external feedback.

Research Axis 4 - Developing quick time-to-market (TTM) applications and innovation tools

> to produce useful ready-to-exploit tools that have a practical impact and a realistic outcome to the real world.

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